Windows PE environment is used to fix the error, anti-virus, or recovery. Usually, when your system can’t enter into Windows normally, you need to go to this environment to find problems and solve them. At first, Windows PE environment is developed by Microsoft, which is running under DOS, using command lines. It is very inconvenient. Luckily, with the development of software technology, some third-party software come and break through these disadvantages. AOMEI PE Builder is one of them. It has a graphical interface and very friendly to users.

The special bootable environment created by free AOMEI PE Builder is similar to Windows 7, including Windows Explorer, desktop, start menu, taskbar and so on. So even common people can use it easily. Oh, forget one thing, AOMEI PE Builder is free to use. It is a freeware developed by AOMEI Technology. Two famous AOMEI products are free partition manager – AOMEI Partition Assistant and free backup software – AOMEI Backupper. Because AOMEI PE Builder will create a custom bootable environment, that means you can add other applications and drivers as you wish.

AOMEI PE Builder Helps to Create Custom Bootable Environment

Download and install this software, there is not a necessity to install AIK/WAIK in additional that you can run it directly most times. This is an advantage of AOMEI PE Builder too.

AOMEI PE Builder Helps to Create Custom Bootable Environment

Then click the “Next” button to add portable tools or drivers to Windows PE for creating a custom bootable media. Next is choosing a media, AOMEI PE Builder provides three selections: CD/DVD, USB flash drive and ISO file.

AOMEI PE Builder Helps to Create Custom Bootable Environment

Then you click “Next”, the program will commit the creating task.

In the 1.5 version of AOMEI PE Builder, it added more universal drivers into Windows PE, such as USB, SCSI adapter, HDC, NET drivers, etc.

AOMEI PE Builder created Windows PE environment can be connected to the network, thus, you can antivirus off-line, backup system to NAS to maintain systems of computers with dissimilar hardware easily.

Following are built-in tools of AOMEI PE Builder:

  • PENetwork: a small utility to install and manage different network settings in a Windows PE.
  • Filezilla: a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features.
  • QTWeb: lightweight, secure and portable browser having a unique user interface.

In the latest 2.0 version, AOMEI PE Builder fully supports Windows 10/Vista/XP. And support to download Windows 10 recovery environment to create a Windows PE bootable media, that means, if your system is running at Windows 10, you have to option – “Download WinPE creating an environment from the Internet” and then select to create 64 bit or 32 bit Windows PE. However, if your system is not Windows 10, ignore the options is also OK. Whats’ more, 2.0 supports to cancel the operation during the process of creating a Windows PE bootable media.

AOMEI PE Builder Helps to Create Custom Bootable Environment

If you are a system administrator, you may use Windows PE frequently, then AOMEI PE Builder should be a good choice for you.

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