Ever wonder to design an eye-catching poster like a pro to attract attention online or in the real world? DesignCap, a free online poster maker, has made poster design a very simple, quick and easy process. It offers an impressive number of templates, resources and editing tools to help you create brilliant and high engaging posters to impress your audience.

DesignCap- Get Started with Premade Poster Templates:

Complicated graphic design software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, or Illustrator is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, DesignCap is none of that. It is very user-friendly and packs up with an impressive number of professionally designed poster templates, helping simplify your design process. So if you have little or zero graphics background and design experience, you can start exploring its amazing assortment of templates which would give you endless inspirations and ideas. No matter what kind of poster you need, travel posters, party posters, wedding posters, holiday and event posters, motivational poster, etc., you can easily find out a suitable one to start off your design. Just scroll through the categories and get inspiration from them to create your own custom posters for different occasions and events.

DesignCap Review- A Free and Effortless Online Poster Maker

Endless Resources and Options:

With DesignCap’s graphics search library, you will have free access to 580,000+ royalty-free stock photos and 93,000+ high-res clip arts. By simply typing some keywords into the search bar, the smart search engine will give you plenty of choices. DesignCap also allows you to import your own photo from Facebook, or upload local photos from your computer. There are a lot of photo effects available to further enhance your photos. You can also choose from a variety of shapes, icons, stickers, backgrounds and stylish text fonts to make your poster design stand out. With DesignCap, you will never run out of options.

DesignCap Review- A Free and Effortless Online Poster Maker

Fully Customizable:

DesignCap brings all the essential tools that you need to make a quality poster creation to your fingertips. You can adjust graphics, change fonts, add special effects, set gradient color, manage multiple layers, plus much more! The toolset makes it simple to design however you like, and lets you customize your own posters like a pro with only a few mouse clicks.

DesignCap Review- A Free and Effortless Online Poster Maker

Free to Use:

What’s the price for this awesome tool? That’s the greatest part, you can get access to all features and resources for free even, without signup! However, in order to download your free poster design, you need to share DesignEvo either on your social media or on your website. With a high-res poster download for free, I think this is a reasonable trade.

Final Thoughts:

DesignCap is definitely the right tool for those who don’t have much design experience or those who want to whip something up really quickly. It is very easy to use and works seamlessly. No matter the purpose of your poster, you can easily create beautiful designs that capture attention and extend your reach.

I hope you found this review helpful, if so please share it with your audience, or leave your comments below.


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