Last year, we reviewed and introduced an easy logo maker – It’s simple, fast and functional. It’s a more efficient tool to make a logo for business branding rather than Illustrator a logo.

Though it was fast and straightforward, the options were pretty much limited, especially when you search for keywords, i.e., “tech”, “technology”, or others. Often, we wanted logo templates for inspirations, but only saw a dozen of logo designs, or even less.

In the new version of DesignEvo, those issues have disappeared. DesignEvo has updated its navigations, and exclusively expanded its logo templates. And that makes it easy to create a logo similar to Adidas logo, Paris Olympic logo, and many more.

Let’s check out what DesignEvo has updated in the latest version, and how we can utilize it to the fullest.

Expand Logo Design Templates from 3,000+ to 10,000+

The biggest update of the latest version of DesignEvo is expanding its logo templates from 3,000+ to 10,000+, without questions. There are more tags and greater designs. This feature greatly expands the possibilities and options for your logo design.

You can search a color by “red”, “black”, ”white”, “green” or ”purple”, and DesignEvo will retrieve a long list of logo templates for your selections.

DesignEvo Update Review - Designing A Logo Is Only Clicking Away

Or you can try keywords in your business fields, such as, “technology”, “Internet”, ”sweet”, “cake”, etc.

All these templates are searchable by a group of tags. When your keyword is the same or contains the tags in the DesignEvo search engine, these templates will display in order in your result page. For typical words, the list usually offers 100+ logo templates.

Another thing is that logo templates are more diverse.

Flexible Editing Options:

If you had ever used the DesignEvo logo maker last year, you know it offers basic editing options. If you open current DesignEvo in a browser now, and you’ll be surprised by how it can accomplish your logo.

DesignEvo Update Review - Designing A Logo Is Only Clicking Away

There are more fonts for you to choose a typeface for logo text. You can use any color by pasting a HEX code. Other effects are also easy to be found, like, curve, align, bold or others.

Edit with Freedom:

Compare with its previous edition, DesignEvo becomes more easy to access. The first edition only allows its users to design from scratch, while with the help of templates, users can now modify any elements on a template design without difficulty.

Delete an element that you don’t like, move an element around, or copy an element… And these steps can be done in minutes.

Preview and Free Download:

Once you think you’ve finished your logo design, the [Preview] button is available for your assessment. Before you download your logo, DesignEvo will present you 6 scenarios for real reviews.

A free download will allow you to download any logo design in size less than 500 x 500. For bigger sizes or vector files, you must upgrade your services with a small amount of fees.

Designing A Logo Is Only Clicking Away

Last Words:

The updated DesignEvo logo maker has everything you need for logo design. It’s easy to find logo inspirations you want and turn it to your own logo.


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