DuckDuckGo App Review: Simple yet secure internet browser

Online browsing is a common phenomenon, these days. Every smartphone or computer user is glued to its screen browsing one or another thing online. In the past, a serious issue about data sharing and data breaching was highlighted, claiming that most of the online search engines use your browsing patterns, collects data and advertising related information or product or even services to you on each and every webpage you visit. This might not be a concern for everyone but when you look at the statistics around identity theft and data breaches, it’s not ideal if your data is being stored and compiled.

Understanding the concern, a more private search engine, DuckDuckGo arrived online marketplace to turn the tables. DuckDuckGo has been labeled as ‘the search engine that does not track you’. It is an alternative search engine, which does not track your browsing history and collect your personal information at any level. Rated as high as 4.7 out of 5, the DuckDuckGo App is gaining its popularity among internet users across the globe.

Being an iPhone user, I have been using the DuckDuckGo App on my device for the past few months. And, I am highly content. The App is simple to use, comes with clean design and protect your browsing history.

Here are some of the salient features of the DuckDuckGo App:

DuckDuckGo App – Major takeaways

Size – 23.7 MB

Version – 7.11.0

Price – FREE

Platform – iPhone, iPad

More Secured Internet Browsing Experience

Launched back in 2008, DuckDuckGo search engine arrived as an alternative to widely used search engine Google. The internet browser will automatically block all the hidden third-party trackers. It also helps you to identify potential advertising networks tracking your browsing behavior on regular basis.

DuckDuckGo App allows you to search or browse anything on the Internet privately. The search engine does not track your search behavior. EVER and it ranks very highly amongst the best privacy browsers.

To make your online search more secured, the App has added a feature where it has categorized websites on their exploitative nature. The DuckDuckGo App has applied a grading system (A-F) to rate more secured web pages/ websites across the internet world. Those websites that are tracking your data and personal information from your search behavior will be given the lowest grade (F). On contrary, the most secure website or App will get an ‘A’ grade

User-friendly Interface

DuckDuckGo App’s user interface is simple and clean. Even a first time user can easily get acquainted with the browser. The color tone of the App is darker compared to other search engines. The App gives you an option to erase your entire browsing history with a single tap on the large fire icon placed at the bottom of the homepage. The click will automatically kill all tabs and clear all data

For iPhone users, you can also set up Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the browser. This feature gives you a sense of security and privacy.

Easily Available for FREE

DuckDuckGo is available across all online platforms. It is popularly famous among smartphone users. DuckDuckGo mobile App is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is available as the web extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.


DuckDuckGo has got another great feature for their online users, termed as Instant Answers. The ‘Instant Answers’ section is placed on the top of the search page, containing vital details of your keywords. The section is non-clickable. As of August 2018, DuckDuckGo has over 1200 such Instant Answers.

The latest version of the App (7.11.0) has incorporated a couple of new features including bookmarks ‘Today View’ widgets to let you get your online search more secure and faster.


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