Focusky Animated Presentation Maker Software Review

The time when people appreciated slide presentations has passed. These days, animated presentations win over their heart instead. It is widely recognized that animated presentation is interesting and persuasive means of presenting. Also, it can be used for a lot of purposes such as educational presentation, conference presentation, individual presentation and the more. However, it can be quite a tricky task for most of the people to make an animated presentation.

That’s where Focusky comes in. Focusky is a presentation maker that is getting people talking. It is now the best in creating animated presentations among a host of presentation makers flooding the market. It has the game-changing and visually shocking appeal that leaves the animated presentations not only manifesting as imaginative pieces but easily understandable animated presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Focusky Animated Presentation Maker Key Features:

Focusky comes with a whole bunch of features that enables you to create an animated presentation like a pro. Now, some key features of this presentation maker are listed below:

Crisp User Interface

Focusky comes with a crisp user interface that is quite easy to use without any advanced technical knowledge required. You can create your own presentation by opening a new empty project or get started fast with the ready-made template based on your requirements.

Inspiring Templates

If you have no inspiration about how to make an animated presentation, then you have come to the right place. Focusky’s designers have been hard at work designing professional and visually appealing templates to spark your imagination. Also, the templates Focusky offers are fully customizable so you can remove or add content with ease.

3D Transition Effects

Not only can good 3D transition effects bring visual shock to your audiences, but also they sometimes can help you communicate your ideas. Focusky breaks the traditional slide-to-slide transition effect, now you are able to pan, zoom, and rotate as you move through your animated presentations, which gives you a unique experience as never before.

Amazing Animation Effects

Animation seems like one of the most effective ways to increase audiences’ interest in your animated presentation. Focusky lets you animate the object with the Entrance Effects, Emphasis Effects, Exit Effects, and Action Paths to get your audiences noticed. Interestingly, the Hand Draw Animation Effect added to the object will make it appear to be drawn by hand.

Offline Presentation

Have you been wanting to present or view an animated presentation, but haven’t had the Internet? Well, here comes the solution. All you need to do is just use Focusky to publish your animated presentation as HTML, ZIP, EXE or APP format, then you can get access to present or view an animated presentation without an internet connection.

Social Media Sharing

The integrated social media feature makes the process of animated presentation sharing easy and fast. Only in three clicks can you share your animated presentations on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Even more, the animated presentation saved as video format can be shared on popular video websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and the more.


Focusky is a place where you can create, publish and share your animated presentations. It takes care of everything for you and deserves a try.

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