How to Make Attractive Photo Collection with FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows

We all keep the photos with families, photos we graduate, photo when we have a birthday party. Those are our best time memories, and we always cherish them by locking them up in a drawer. If we don’t unlock the drawer and take a look, these photos are not functioning as they could be. So why not make a collage out of them and post it on the wall of your office and bedroom? Isn’t this more meaningful?

So we suggest you give a try of FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, which is a super easy, creative collage tool that helps you DIY your best-time photo.

The installation size is 118M, the process is stable and takes seconds. After that, you can free try it to customize a collage. The trial has no time limitation. But if you want to output/share your collage art designed by the app to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr, you will need a lifetime license of it. The cost is reasonable at USD 29.9.

How to Make A Collage Out of FotoJet Collage Maker?

  • Select Your Collage Way:

In the main interface, it gives us a multitude of collage solutions. There are pre-made collage templates, where you can directly apply one and use your photos on the image blocks. Or alternatively, you can go rigid collage ways with fewer designs: You can choose how many photos you want to insert in a collage, then do the rest.

  • Add Photos Or Seach Photos:

You can feel free to upload any photos into the application and use them later as one of the collage pictures. Another fantastic way to upgrade your collage making is taking advantage of its photo search functions, which will give you popular or even funny photos for your use.

  • Change Background:

Its background feature is worthy of your trial. If you go normal/rigid path for a collage, applying a beautiful & proper background is a must-have. The design of the app is considerable, offering a large collection of wonderful backgrounds: Cute ones, tiling style, or many more. For those choose a template, you can select its background and keystroke [Delete] and then use your preferable background.

  • Text for Collage:

Though a thousand words can’t compare with a picture of facts, inserting words you want to speak out as a text in a collage can surely upgrade your art to a next level. In FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows, you have nearly 100 fonts for selection, which you can also change a color and add font effect.

Words Finally:

FotoJet Windows Collage Maker is an extremely simple application that renders unimaginable collage results. It has all needed features for a collage and all of these features can be found between clicks. It’s one of the best collage solutions that we’ve found.


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