TomTop Deals: DJI Goggles 3D VR Glasses Screen available for $369

The DJI Goggles 3D VR Glasses Screen is available via TomTop online store. The device is currently at a 54% discount, and it comes with a price tag of the US $369. The limited offer will be available in US warehouse only.

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DJI Goggles 3D VR Glasses Screen Features:

  • Two 1920 * 1080 screens providing more than twice the amount of pixels of a typical 2K single screen.
  • Able to offer both 720p/60fps and close range 1080p/30fps viewing with an extremely low latency of just 110ms.
  • Through DJI’s OcuSync wireless transmission system, up to four devices can be connected to the Mavic Pro simultaneously.
  • Antennas built into the headband ensure 360° of coverage, offering a reliable connection even if the aircraft is flying behind you.
  • Head tracking function tilt your head and the gimbal will tilt along to get the real view of the sky.
  • Access to key intelligent features through a touchpad integrated into the DJI Goggles or 5D button on the Mavic Pro controller makes navigating the internal menu system easy and intuitive.
  • Intelligent flight / fixed wing mode to control the drone with DJI Goggles with AR trajectory prediction provides real exciting fly experience.
  • A unique solid headband design balances and spreads the weight and comfortable to wear even for hours.
  • Micro USB input, Micro SD Card input, HDMI input and audio output.

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